Apartment Hunting – Some Awesome Tips You Can Use On Looking For Your Ideal Apartment

I am a big fan of Pad Mapper (http://padmapper.com) – but recently they have been having problems after getting sent a cease and desist letter from Craigslist for scraping their data. That is too bad, really. I really like map-based search tools, because as they say, real estate is all about location.

Picture for tips on apartment hunting
Looking for apartments? Get in touch with your real estate agent or search property portals online!

Recently I have started to look for a new apartment – my guitar collection has increased in size and now I need TWO rooms just to fit all my gear in. Yes, my brand new Gibson SG is pretty sweet. It also comes with a nice 100W tube amplifier. But I digress…

Calling Sara, My Real Estate Broker

So I called up my real estate agent and she told me that she would shortlist a number of properties which I can look at by the weekend. I became impatient, and I went to Google to search for houses and apartments for sale just to see what are available online as far as good properties are concerned. I have never liked the idea that realtors seem to monopolize all the data when it comes to real estate transactions but I guess that’s just me…

From my experience apartment hunting there are some important pointers that you need to bear in mind:-

  • Always start with location. I have some Iowa real estate enthusiasts and friends who insist on living right in the middle of the city (Des Moines), and some who wanted to hole up in some barn. You pick your poison.
  • It helps if you have got a nice and helpful real estate broker who has got your interest in mind, and not somebody who is just out there to milk you dry.
  • Have a budget. If you have the money to invest in a piece of prime real estate, then go for it!

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