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2014 – Here’s To A Great Year!

I’ll freely admit it – we have had a bad 2013. Revenues were down by 14% due to the slowdown in the Malaysia property market, and it only made worse with the Budget 2014 curbing measures in the form of increase in Real Property Gains Tax (RPGT) which effectively doubled.

We are still bullish about Malaysia real estate though. Volume of transactions is set to reduce in 2014, but we will be concentrating in high value areas such as KLCC, Setapak and Segambut (Mont Kiara and North Kiara). We have a healthy inventory:-

  • Concerto North Kiara
  • One Menerung
  • Ken Bangsar
  • Casa Vista
  • Villa Mont Kiara

Here’s to a spanking 2014!

The Most Important Aspects Of A Man’s Life

Hello, Russell here again, blogging for Iowa Property Consultants LLC. I have spent the weekend away at my favorite place on the face of the earth – Santorini, Greece. While I was there, I could not help but to wonder about my own priorities, and how they have changed over the years – surprisingly, very little!

While I was alone pondering about life (and occasionally, Iowa real estate as well as some selected properties in Malaysia where my girlfriend is currently is in), I made a couple of notes which I am going to share with you here. Read it, digest it, and let me know what you think of it.

Aspect #1: Finances

As they say, money makes the world go round. I like making money from investing in real estate. I like tangibles, which means that I avoid anything which is “virtual”, like Facebook’s stock. Groupon is another no-no for me. Virtual real estate, in my opinion, is a sham. I’d rather go and invest all my money on land and property. With a solid financial foundation, the world is my oyster! My girlfriend is now at a nice, plush condo overlooking KLCC, and she is loving it. If you have got the time and money, do look out for property for sale in Malaysia which is always excellent investment.

Aspect #2: Love and Relationships

When you have got your finances sorted out, then your love life should fall into place as well. But for most guys they seem to struggle mightily when it comes to love and dating. I am truly not surprised because I was once in their shoes. I know how it feels to be rejected by women again and again. But once I mastered the art of seduction then all my relationships with women (yes, WOMEN) improved a lot – no joke. If you want some really hardcore tips and techniques on attracting women then click here for a good article on seduction. Everything I know about attracting women is from this website – It’s awesome.

Now the Internet is a good starting place, and if you want good resources on dating advice for men then check out – it’s my favorite site by far, and it contains some pretty advanced stuff on dating techniques based on this concept called the “female psychology loophole”. Try it.

Aspect #3: Health

Now if you look like Charles Bronson then I won’t blame you if you have super low self esteem. Fat guys don’t get laid, unless you are Dr Dre, Fat Joe or Rick Ross. It’s probably harder to be a popular hip hop artiste than to lose weight. So get off your butt and go to the gym. You will look goofy running on the treadmill if you have got a 42 inch belly. But suck it up. You are fat because you ate like a pig, so face the music.

In my own evaluation, money making (through property investment) is the most important, because once I made enough money women will be attracted to me automatically, and then I will get home cooked food from my girlfriends which will then reduce my waistline.