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Networking Power!

QUICK UPDATE: Remember our Malaysian green card holder who sought our services last month? For those of you who missed it, go ahead and click here.

It seems that the universe wants me to go to Asia once again(third time for business) after I spoke with Mr. Noriman Cheng– he eventually referred me to an associate of his in Malaysia for a potential business opportunity. It would involve consultations, branching out, and other golden real estate opportunities on the other side of the world. I’d also review economic factors and  the Malaysian property market, which I’m really great at. I have no complaints.

One task I will be looking over would be property appraising and reviews. Read this if you want to know what it means. Pretty excited to bring what I got to the (Asian) table, it’s good to be going back there again.

Update you more on this as time progresses, the next time you’ll hear from me I’ll be sporting a tan 😀

ANOTHER QUICK UPDATE: Mr Cheng was able to sell his house. He sent me a bottle of champagne as a token of his gratitude.