Simple Ways to Invest in Property

Real estate is known to be great way to make passive income, whether you decide to invest in an individual or commercial property. Once you buy the necessary property, you can then sit back and wait for your tenants to pay the rental income every month. If you have been investing in properties for quite a while now, though, you should know that this isn’t actually as easy as it looks or sounds. Want to get a quick inspiration? Watch this video from the master himself– Robert Kiyosaki. He gives us six steps on how to invest on real estate propety. Here’s the vid– watch and learn.

Robert Kiyosaki’s Six Steps to Real Estate Investment

Investing in property isn’t just about finding the ideal place that your family can call home or reading about tips on how to do so. You have to learn about all of the different ways, in which you can invest in real estate, as well. Here they are for your perusal:


After buying a house, you have the option to rent it out to a tenant. Since you are still the landlord of the place, though, it would be your full responsibility to take care of paying the mortgage, the taxes and any other costs that will need to be paid for the property’s overall maintenance. As such, it would be important for you to set a rental fee that is enough to cover these maintenance costs.

If you want to gain some profit every month, you can charge a bit more, as well. However, it would be ideal to be patient and just charge the minimal cost to your tenants to cover the expenses until the outstanding mortgage is completely paid off. After that, you can then reap the most profits from the rent as you can.

Investment Groups

If becoming a landlord isn’t exactly a part of your goals, but you are still interested in owning a rental property anyway, then an investment group might work well for you. There are a lot of investment groups in Kuala Lumpur, so I’m sure you’d be able to find one. They can help you decide if it’s finally time to invest on this very nice apartment in Mont Kiara, or wait just a little longer. đŸ˜€

Some companies tend to construct or buy residential units to sell to investors through their company. In these cases, the companies will still be in charge of each unit’s maintenance, including the advertising and scouting for tenants. The regular kinds of investment groups list these lists under the names of the investors and then take a portion of the rent every month in exchange for the unit or the building’s overall management.


Also called “hold and buy” or property flipping, some traders will purchase properties and then hold onto them until the market shows good potential for the property. Although this cash investment is very lucrative for the short term, it could fail, as well, if a flipper isn’t able to unload the property when the market turns in the end.

Overall, you can’t expect to succeed in real estate investing without putting any hard work into it. However, with enough effort and time in setting up a property, you could end up having a smooth and easy ride when it comes to your renting business. Naturally, it would help to get an experienced investor help you out in coming up with a good investment plan, as well, so that you can avoid the numerous mistakes that other people tend to make in the world of real estate investments.

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